Kundalini Yoga builds the strength in you. You become you.

Yogi Bahjan

  • Is KY demanding?

Kundalini Yoga can be demanding. Predominant is the inner work on your energy centres, called Chakren. Dynamic exercises train your endurance. Static poses, which sometimes are held for several minutes, strengthen your muscles, especially the deep ones. Some Asanas support the blood circulation in targeted organs, like kidneys, liver or the lymph glands. Stretching exercises increase flexibilty and soften fascial tissue.


  • For whom is Kundalini Yoga suitable?

Kundalini Yoga suits to everybody, who is open or even seeking for spiritual experiences. Especially, for those who have interest in Mantras, Mudras and meditation. Sometimes the exercices can be physically demanding, although the focus is not on increasing your fitness level. This is only a nice side effect.

A lot of Yoginis and Yogis are able to step out from negative thought patterns and feel energetically charged after having practiced Kundalini Yoga.


  • Is KY dangerous?

Even by doing strong movements, experienced Yoginis and Yogis injure themselves very seldom. So if you are not so experienced, just start slowly and don’t push your body beyond boundaries.


  • Is there any reason not to practice Kundalini Yoga?

If you suffer from a serious psychatric disease, please speak with your doctor or therapist about the idea of practicing Kundalini Yoga.


  • Why do Kundalini Yogi*nis wear white clothes?

Practicing yogis usually dress traditionally all in white and wear a turban around their heads. Avoiding bright colors is said to have a positive effect on the chakras. The headdress is intended to prevent the rising energy from leaving the body and should be a protection from beeing affected external moods.